How Metro Manila’s BPO Industry Is Supported by Talent from Right Across the Philippines Metro Manila is one of the key economic and cultural centres

The outsourcing industry is really gathering pace, exceeding US$250 billion globally for the first time in 2022 and is expected to exhibit a compound annual

The idea of outsourcing – of leveraging the benefits of a BPO – once seemed out of reach for many businesses. Such an international focus

It’s not unusual for business owners to be a little anxious about the prospect of outsourcing. Some may feel it to be a sign of

Benefits of BPO: How Outsourcing Brings Teams Closer Together

In the past, some businesses have been reluctant to outsource their business processes, preferring instead to struggle with just their in-house teams. There have traditionally

It’s no secret that business process outsourcing has been surging forward in recent years, passing some impressive milestones along the way. What is surprising, however,

A report from the Asian Development Bank in May 2022 provides fascinating insight into the growth pathways for ASEAN countries in the wake of the

Business process outsourcing – or BPO – is often discussed in highly technical terms. These terms might relate to data analysis, software development, computer coding,

Cloud services are becoming increasingly crucial across all areas of business. However, in the business process outsourcing market, they are particularly valuable. This is because

Secure BPO: How the Outsourcing Industry Is Overcoming Key Security Challenges

The outsourcing industry is putting unprecedented levels of convenience and capability into the hands of businesses of all sizes. But what about security? As business