How Small Businesses Are Seeing Big Benefits from Outsourcing

The idea of outsourcing – of leveraging the benefits of a BPO – once seemed out of reach for many businesses. Such an international focus seemed impossibly distant for start-ups or for other small-scale enterprises.

Well, this is not the case anymore. Firstly, digital communication tools have brought the world closer together, helping business owners in Sydney communicate with partners in Manila or Montreal as easy as they would with the office down the road. Secondly, the BPO market is now ultra-competitive, which means organisations enjoy a wealth of choices as they seek out an offshore staff partner.

But is this really worthwhile for small businesses? After all, growth and development need to be handled in a sustainable, controllable manner. Doesn’t outsourcing relinquish some of that control?

This is not something that should cause anxiety for small business owners. In fact, the right BPO partner will deliver their services in a way that targets sustainable and controlled growth, and there is no risk of the business losing control of their operations. What’s more, outsourcing represents a number of advantages that are specific to small businesses.

BPO Advantages – A Big Deal for Small Business

Much has already been said about the general advantages of BPO. Businesses are largely aware that they can streamline their processes, reduce costs, ease the pressure on their in-house teams, and add capabilities to their operational landscape when they choose a BPO partner.

But what about the advantages that are specific to small businesses? Let’s take a look.

Competing Toe to Toe

Small businesses contribute around one-third of GDP in Australia, and around 44% in the United States. Impressive figures, yes, but figures that rely on an enormous collective effort. For example, around 98% of all Australian businesses are classed as small-scale, which is why this sector is able to contribute so much to the overall GDP. Individually, these businesses struggle to compete with larger entities.

By leveraging outsourcing opportunities, however, these small businesses can compete. BPO delivers significant upward mobility for small businesses, essentially creating a level playing field for organisations of all sizes and types.

Achieving Operational Flexibility

The global labour market is approaching a crossroads. On the one hand, there is a growing desire for flexible work among team members – as much as 60% of the Australian workforce now values flexibility over career progression. On the other, businesses must protect their bottom line. For small businesses in particular, this represents a difficult balancing act.

BPO can help make this balance a little easier to achieve. By drawing upon remote work teams and outsourced capabilities, small businesses can provide the flexibility their employees crave. Outsourcing opportunities also ease the strain on these in-house teams, allowing small businesses to more effectively support the mental health of their personnel. Support for mental health is another key driver for employee satisfaction within modern companies.

Developing the Nucleus at the Heart of the Business

BPO is often viewed as an externally-focused strategy, and this is a fair assessment. Outsourcing involves taking processes that would once have been handled by in-house teams and putting these processes in the hands of external teams. However, we can look at BPO another way, approaching it as an inwardfocused strategy perfect for developing a strong nucleus of culture and identity at the heart of the business.

Writing for Forbes in the final days of 2021, Caroline Castrillon predicted that 2022 would be the ‘year of workplace culture‘. She spoke of how culture and identity was becoming increasingly important to team members this year, effectively ushering in a sea change in the way businesses are run. Unfortunately, developing this workplace culture is often difficult, particularly when we consider all the distractions that businesses face in today’s market.

Outsourcing helps businesses to ease these distractions. In turn, this frees up the time, money, and resources required to develop staff and form an industry-leading foundation of identity. Without BPO, small businesses become overstretched and simply cannot achieve these crucial aims. 

Building an Effective Business Network

Small businesses do not exist in isolation. Instead, they need to network and make key connections with other entities in their market, forming partnerships that can help them to grow and evolve over time,

BPO represents the benefits of this networking in action while also providing opportunities for further expansion. When small businesses connect with an outsourced team, they are forming an international working partnership that may represent the first step into a new market. As the partnership develops, the small business grows in confidence, becoming an international entity with a global outlook.

Realise the Advantages of BPO for Your Small Business

At enablesGroup, we help businesses of all sizes experience the benefits of business process outsourcing. Our specialists help your business find a myriad of opportunities, expanding your capabilities and helping you to better support your in-house personnel. Reach out to our team today to learn more and to get started.