How the Philippines Is Becoming a Force to Be Reckoned with in Creative BPO

Business process outsourcing – or BPO – is often discussed in highly technical terms. These terms might relate to data analysis, software development, computer coding, and a range of other disciplines that have become paramount in modern business. But there is more to BPO than just this. Increasingly, businesses from across the world are looking to offshore staff to carry out more creative processes, such as graphic design on new logos or company branding, animation for movies, TV shows or promotional materials, or a range of other projects.

Creative outsourcing is going from strength to strength in the Philippines, and business owners are tuning into the benefits that this provides. Read on to discover more about the Philippines’ creative BPO sector, and to learn why it is now becoming a force to be reckoned with on the world stage.

Offshore Animation Staff Are in High Demand Following the Pandemic

Juan Miguel del Rosario serves as the president of the Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc. – or ACPI. In an interview conducted in March 2021, he spoke about the increased demand for animation studios and services in the country, spurred on by the pandemic. As live studio productions faltered due to social distancing regulations, animated material became increasingly sought after as producers tried to fill the resulting gap.

This demand is coming not only from within the Philippines but also from other locations across the world. Outsourced animation contracts are being awarded to offshore staff based in the Philippines, adding another facet to the burgeoning BPO industry in the country. While the easing of global restrictions may curtail some of this rapid growth, demand is likely to remain high for animation services in the Philippines after the nation’s studios proved their capabilities during the Covid-19 period.

Work-from-Home Capabilities Unlock Talent from Across the Country

The digital landscape has transformed in recent years. Collaborative tools, cloud storage, and secure networking solutions are bringing remote teams together in ways never previously thought possible. In the Philippines, this is democratising the BPO industry, allowing workers from locations across the archipelago – not just in Metro Manila – to work on outsourced projects.

The ACPI president touched on this in his interview, describing how hiring strategies within the country are increasingly targeting remote staff from towns and cities across the Philippines. But this is not limited to animation. Plenty of other creative projects, from graphic design through to photography and video capture, will also benefit from this broadened scope. Expanding the BPO workforce to locations outside the capital will enable more Filipinos to share in the advantages that outsourcing can bring.

Highly Trained Creative Workforce in the Philippines

One of the key factors behind the growth of the Philippines in the creative BPO field is confidence – companies located in regions such as Australia, Western Europe, and the USA now have the confidence that offshore staff in the Philippines have the experience and qualifications required to get the job done to an excellent standard.

This is largely due to the level of professional training offered in the Philippines. Hundreds of colleges and universities and other learning institutions across the Philippines now offer graphic design and other creative courses, delivering the skills that Filipino candidates need to succeed in this professional field. What’s more, tertiary education is improving in the country, with 11 Filipino universities now ranked among the top 800 institutions on the planet, further strengthening the credentials of the nation’s workforce.

Reduced Costs for Firms Looking to Outsource Creative Jobs to the Philippines

While there are many benefits for companies who choose to outsource their operations to the Philippines, one of the key drivers is cost. The average salary for a graphic designer in Manila is 49,000 pesos per month, or around US$939. In New York and Sydney, the average salary for the same role is around US$6,233 and US$4,120, respectively. While cheaper markets do exist in the USA, Australia, and in other similar nations, these do not come close to matching prices in the Philippines.

By outsourcing to offshore staff, organisations are able to make enormous savings on creative projects. At the same time, they are able to secure high-quality results on these projects, thanks to the high level of competency and training that is found in the Philippines. Other savings – such as time, effort, and available resources – make creative BPO services increasingly attractive to companies seeking to optimise their operational practices.

Leverage the Advantages of Offshore Staff for Your Next Creative Project

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