More Than Just Metro Manila: How BPO Is Becoming a Driving Force Right Across the Philippines

How Metro Manila’s BPO Industry Is Supported by Talent from Right Across the Philippines

Metro Manila is one of the key economic and cultural centres of the Philippines and is among the most important business and commercial hubs in the whole Asia-Pacific region. Encompassing the Philippine capital of Manila — as well as 15 other cities and the municipality of Pateros — Metro Manila is home to almost 13.5 million people over an area of more than 600 square kilometres.

There is a proud business process outsourcing market here too. As well as Manila, the Metro region is the location for BPO hotspots like Quezon City — the nation’s most populous metropolis — and Bonifacio Global City. These population centres are two of the most crucial to the outsourcing industry in the Philippines and of Southeast Asia in general.

While many of the BPO personnel here are Metro Manila natives, there are also many employees who arrive here from other areas of the Philippines or work remotely for Metro Manileño outsourcing firms. Outsourcing to Metro Manila means benefitting from the full diversity of experience, skillsets, backgrounds and cultures that makes the Philippines so popular for business owners right across the world.

The Key Locations Providing Talent to Metro Manila’s Outsourcing Market

So let’s look at some of the other key locations providing skilled personnel to the BPO market in Metro Manila.


Cebu is one of the primary metropolises in the Philippines, and one of the country’s key IT hubs. Expert Cebuano workers bring a variety of skills and capabilities to the market in Manila, but it is these IT services that are often in the highest demand.

Mandaue City

IT, HR, customer service — these are all very important aspects of the BPO industry, but there is still more to consider. Animation, graphic design, and artistic and creative services are frequently outsourced too, and the Philippines is one of the global leaders in this market. The bulk of the top creative agencies is still located in the Metro Manila region, and many of the Philippines’ most talented artists are from the capital and the surrounding area. However, many also arrive in Metro Manila, including those from Mandaue City — located next to Cebu City in Cebu province, it has developed a reputation for providing some of the country’s best creative talent.

Angeles City

Angeles City has an international outlook, thanks in part to the nearby Clark International Airport and the Clark Freeport Zone. This means many professionals in Angeles City also share this expanded outlook, and recognise the potential of the business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines. It’s also located right next to the Metro Manila border, and so many examples of the capital’s top BPO talent come from here.

Davao City

Davao City, on the island of Mindanao, is an important source of business process outsourcing talent. Its status as a tier-two city means it is often left off the radar for international firms in search of opportunities, and many members of the local BPO workforce find themselves providing their considerable talents to firms in Metro Manila instead. Emerging talent pools like Davao are making the Filipino outsourcing industry far more competitive than it once was, shoring up the range of choice and the quality of results for global business owners as they seek to connect with remote work teams.

Bacolod City

Bacolod City is another emerging metropolis with a talent pool that is helping to drive Metro Manila and the rest of the country forward. Located in Negros Occidental, to the west of Cebu, the first-class city provides a wealth of remote work and offshoring talent. In particular, the city delivers high-level talent in the information technology and human resources sectors to BPO and offshore teams in Metro Manila.

A Thriving Market and a Thriving Nation

All of this diversity and competition is great news for Metro Manila and for the Philippines as a whole. This, in turn, means great news for the businesses that are outsourcing to this Southeast Asian nation. Thanks to remote work capabilities, many skilled Filipinos from all over the country can find outsourced opportunities with firms in Metro Manila, while others may decide to physically relocate to the capital and the surrounding region to pursue their careers in this developing field.

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