The Unexpected Benefits of BPO: How Outsourcing Brings Teams Closer Together

Benefits of BPO: How Outsourcing Brings Teams Closer Together

In the past, some businesses have been reluctant to outsource their business processes, preferring instead to struggle with just their in-house teams.

There have traditionally been a number of reasons for this. Some of these reasons are legitimate concerns — businesses may not be sure how to integrate outsourced personnel with their own teams or how to achieve the right level of communication with third-party service providers.

Businesses have become less resistant to remote working teams as a result of COVID. A limited talent pool, increasing demand and hence costs in the local market, and a greater acceptance of remote working has seen a shift in attitudes.

Now, there is an openness to exploring additional team members from BPO’s, building depth of the team, additional capabilities and reducing cost structure to support growth.

Some concerns are more difficult to resolve definitively. For instance, businesses may be concerned about the structure of their teams and may worry that outsourcing will lead to disintegration and fracturing as the business structure becomes more distributed. In our experience, this is not the case.

In fact, we’ve found the opposite to be true. Read on to learn more about the benefits of BPO outsourcing that can actively bring teams closer together within your organisation.

Benefits of BPO: Eliminating Frustration and Friction

Low employee morale is a serious issue for businesses and can come from a number of different sources.

Business and Learning Resources cite unclear or changing targets, unrealistic expectations, unreasonable workloads, and high-stress environments among their top reasons for poor morale in the workplace. Meanwhile, Justworks places “unrealistic goal setting” as one of its top factors.

These situations tend to occur when businesses become overstretched. Basically, in-house teams become overloaded, they have to take responsibility for tasks outside their skillset or competency area, and the workforce begins to creak under pressure.

As a result, targets are not achieved, goalposts get shifted, workloads increase, and everyone becomes seriously unhappy.

A considered approach to BPO will ease these struggles. In-house workloads decrease, goals are attained with far greater efficiency, and processes become more streamlined and effective.

As a result, the in-house personnel finds themselves with more time and energy to focus on their areas of competency — the parts of the job they enjoy and are passionate about.

With this increased efficiency and effectiveness, management teams do not need to shift the goalposts or set unrealistic expectations, and morale rises across the whole team as a result.

Benefits of BPO: Stronger Corporate Culture and Shared Identity

Business process outsourcing can strengthen and enhance your culture and identity in many ways.

Firstly, by streamlining your operations, you can achieve better results for your clients, delivering products and services of high quality within competitive timeframes.

Your clients will begin to associate these benefits with your organisation, and this will become part of your identity — features that your in-house teams can rally around and feel genuinely proud of.

Secondly, outsourcing to offshore staff can ensure that your in-house teams have the support and resources required to do their jobs properly. This creates a positive working environment, increasing job satisfaction and improving staff retention rates within the company.

Thirdly, outsourcing can be used to directly create elements of corporate identity. A corporate logo, for example, is a cornerstone of the identity your in-house teams share.

However, not all businesses have the design and development expertise required to create this highly effective logo — a logo that will encapsulate the company’s identity in the right way — which is why outsourced graphic services can be so valuable.

Benefits of BPO: More Effective Support From Human Resources

Outsourcing Human Resources tasks is another way in which BPO can directly support an effective corporate culture.

HR departments provide a vital function within companies across the world, resolving disputes, upholding the rights of employees, handling administration and other responsibilities, and ensuring that teams are properly supported on their way to achieving key operational goals.

But handling HR is simply not an option for all businesses, many of which lack the budget, personnel or other resources required to take care of HR in-house.

For these businesses, BPO provides an effective alternative, allowing organisations to deploy an effective HR team without adding to the responsibilities and workload of their in-house team.

This also avoids the budgeting difficulties associated with hiring a dedicated HR department.

Bringing Teams Together With BPO and enablesGROUP

Increasing numbers of businesses are waking up to the potential of business process outsourcing. They are discovering that previously held concerns about remote staff or offshore teams were unfounded, and outsourcing provides significant advantages.

Outsourcing can even help improve corporate culture, workplace morale, and feelings of togetherness and unity within teams.

At enablesGROUP, we connect businesses like yours with outsourcing opportunities, allowing you to achieve excellence in graphic design, Human Resources, and a range of other functions without overburdening your in-house personnel.

Reach out to our team today to learn more and to get started.