Why BPO? The Key Motivating Factors Behind Outsourcing Projects

It’s not unusual for business owners to be a little anxious about the prospect of outsourcing. Some may feel it to be a sign of weakness — ‘we should be able to handle this ourselves’, for example — while others may worry about security or quality of work. With this in mind, why should your organisation choose to go down the BPO route? What advantages can you expect when you use remote work teams to handle your business processes?

To put your mind at ease and to help you understand the market better, we’ve compiled a list of the key motivating factors behind outsourcing decisions. Here are seven key reasons that make outsourcing a great idea for businesses of all kinds.

Connecting with Different Capabilities

BPO and remote teams immediately open up your business to a wealth of opportunities. You and your teams are already wearing a number of hats as you develop products, deliver services and manage your business. Adding another requirement to this list can cause serious issues.

Rather than seeking to become a jack of all trades but master of none, simply connect with an outsourced remote work team. These teams are the experts at what they do — whether that is software development, graphic design, accounting, or something else. By drawing upon these skilled personnel, you are expanding the limits of what your business is capable of.

Accelerating Processes

There are times when you want to handle tasks in-house. This is understandable — it is still your business, after all, and you have the ultimate responsibility for its success. However, it’s difficult to handle these tasks if you first need to wade through a queue of other outstanding items.

Outsourcing significantly extends your available resources, meaning tasks get handled quickly and efficiently. In turn, queues remain manageable and are less likely to spiral out of control.

Setting You and Your In-House Teams Free

You didn’t get into your line of work because you love to be overstretched and constantly stressed out. You didn’t hire your awesome product developer just so she could get distracted by the million other things she has to do during the day. Perhaps it’s time to set you and your teams free.

Outsourcing allows you to remove many of the tasks that are clogging up the schedule for you and your team members. Instead of having to handle everything, you can focus instead on doing what you love — on pursuing your passion and letting your talents really come to the fore.

Reducing Business Risk

Business-critical processes need an expert hand, not to mention a team free to dedicate the proper time, care and attention to these tasks. Without this, your business is taking a serious risk.

By outsourcing these tasks to a team of remote experts, you are eliminating this risk. Your BPO specialists will devote their time to achieving the right results for the project, and they will also have the industry expertise required to get these vital jobs done the right way.

Saving Money for Your Business

BPO gives you the chance to work with a ready-made set of experts. We’ve already touched on the capabilities these experts offer, but there’s more to it than this. This approach also saves you money.

There will probably be instances in which the additional capability is not a luxury or a ‘nice to have’ but is instead a ‘must have.’ This leaves you with a choice — hire an expert on a full-time contract or outsource. Outsourcing is always the most cost-effective option.

Expanding Operating Hours

If your business is based in Sydney, you might be restricted to operating during Australia’s trading day. However, if you outsource some operations to the Philippines — just 2 hours behind — you will find yourself able to expand operating time by a couple of hours every day. If you are based in New Zealand, you will have an additional 4 hours, potentially providing a significant advantage over competitors.

Basically, outsourcing helps you to operate across different timezones as well as different international markets. This adds flexibility and versatility to your business.

Achieving Tailored Solutions

This one is almost counterintuitive. After all, who knows your business better than your own in-house personnel? However, these in-house personnel may not have the time, energy, available funds or a whole host of other vital resources to leverage this knowledge effectively.

Instead, they may end up becoming overworked, cutting corners, and resorting to ‘off the peg’ solutions to fill the gap. Outsourced teams, on the other hand, will not experience these problems. They will take the time to get to know your business before delivering a solution tailored to your needs.

Discover Why Now Is the Time to Join the BPO Movement

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